Can Odysee Replace Youtube? Easy Guide odysee vs youtube 2023

Yes, Odysee can replace Youtube in the near future because everything is getting decentralized, people are moving towards web 3 technology and Odysee is an open-source web 3 platform for video creators, where creators have complete control of their content.

What is Odysee?

Odysee is a decentralized video-sharing platform where the creator can upload their content and make money by monetizing content similar to Youtube, Odysee is an alternative to YouTube, created by the team behind LBRY, which works on Blockchain technology.

How Do I Become a Creator on Odysee?

Odysee is a very easy-to-use platform, it provides web browsing and mobile application to users with a similar interface to Youtube.

To become a creator on Odysee you can sign up using your details here or download Odysee from the app store or play store and start uploading your content after verifying your account.

How to monetize and make money on Odysee?

To make money in Odysee create an account on Odysee, once you signup and verify your account odyssey provides instant monetization features after verification, it doesn’t require 4000 hours of watch time or 1000 subscribers to get monetization approval.

Odysee offers LBRY coins as rewards, the creator can exchange the coins for fiat currency.

Difference Between Odysee vs Youtube

Odysee is a decentralized video-sharing platformYouTube is a centralized video sharing, a social media platform
Privacy focusedControlled by a tech giant company
Open source – anyone can see codes of the websiteHidden algorithm
Windows, ios, androidWindows, ios, android
Keeps only 5% of total earned incomeKeeps around 45% of ad revenue and 30% on channel memberships, plus taxes
No requirements or terms to monetize the channelIt requires 4000 hrs watch time and 1000 subscribers to get monetization approval
No advertisementsExternal advertisements
Developed by the team behind LBRY technologyDeveloped by Youtube
Website- www.odysee.comWebsite-

Earning on Odysee vs Youtube

The earning factor makes Odysee entirely unique and makes it stands out from its other video-sharing platforms, Obysee offers around 95% of earnings to the creator for their content and keeps 5% for transactions charges or other charges.

Whereas Youtube keeps 45% of total ad revenue generated on users’ content plus 30% for the channel membership, it also charges sale taxes and other taxes.

Ads on Odessy vs Youtube

When it comes to ads on content it is the most annoying and disruptive thing to watch while enjoying our favorite content on any platform, sometimes it deviates the mind.

Odysee is a more user-centric platform and it doesn’t show any ads on the content uploaded by the creator, whereas Youtube is controlled by tech giant companies that gather user’s data, then serve interest-based ads to the users.

Other Youtube alternatives

There are many other video-sharing platforms similar to Youtube and Odysee, that can be a good alternative to Youtube.

  • Metacafe
  • Cracle
  • Floatplane
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo
  • Utereon
  • DTube
  • Dailymotion


It’s all about “Odysee vs youtube” Hope you understood the difference between Odysee and Youtube, how both platforms are different from each other, and what are the benefits of using decentralized applications, let us know your views on Odysee and how it will affect youtube in future and how it will change video sharing platforms experience.


Can you live stream on Odysee?

Yes, you can live stream on the Odysee video-sharing platform, it provides a webcasting feature.

Can I make money with Odysee?

Yes, You can earn money on Odysee by monetizing your content on it, it offers LBRY tokens to the creators for their content.

Does Google Own Odysee?

Yes, Google owns Odysee, Google acquired Odysee in 2015.

Does Odysee have an App?

Yes, Odysee app is available for android and IOS both.

Does odysee have ads?

No, Odysee doesn’t have any external ads , its totally ad free platform.

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