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What is Lucky block (lblock) token ? 2022

Lucky block recently came up with a crypto currency , in this post we will see what is lucky block crypto, is lucky crypto legit or scam? is lucky block crypto a good investment? lets get started.

What is Lucky block (lblock) token?

Lucky block (Lblock token) is a cryptocurrency, a lottery system based on blockchain technology it operates on Binance smart chain.
It provides an entirely new experience in gaming and lottery to its users, the main goal of the lucky block is to create a faster way for the lottery drawing process so users can take advantage of lottery, gaming and player have higher chances of winning.

Is it safe to invest in lblock?

According to lucky blocks’ white paper, the system is open-source, but anyone but they have worked on its security to avoid hacking and security breaches, and loss of funds.
A distributor ledger is used so users can get rewards faster.

Where to buy lbock coin?

You can buy it through Pancakswap, and it’s listed on CEX Lbank and doesn’t charge any fees for trading, in addition, Lblock aims to list it on Dex so users can trade on decentralized exchanges.


Who is the founder of Lucky block Lblock?

The team of Lblock is Scott Ryder as the CEO, James Bason as the CPO, James Thatcher as the CTO, and Nelson Campelo as the CMO. T

What is the total supply of lbock coins?

The total supply of lbock tokens is 100billion tokens

Price prediction of lucky block Lblock token

Is lucky block crypto legit and is lucky block crypto a good investment?

Check out this video for complete detail about lucky block crypto

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Disclaimer This is not financially advised videos, please do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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